Sintrex engaged with Change-Thought to re-evaluate their company offering from the ground up. We were asked to strategically scrutinize all internal processes and understand how they as a company could better be elevated in the public eye.

Change-Thought changed through an in-depth strategic audit, the way they ran their business from a product focus to a service based offering.

The strategic insight fuelled the need for a brand overhaul and here we looked at the brand identity and overall company visual style.

The visual style took cues from the service process that Sintrex undertakes in the background to seamlessly delivers a front facing, clear picture, for their clients.

Change-Thought Multi disciplinary design agency were inspired by the simplicity of nature with and understanding of the complex system and processes that happen behind that simple picture – that process and service offering is Sintrex!

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Style
  • Presentation Collateral
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom WordPress Development

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