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Mailbox with Sparrowmail

Mailbox is fantastic, really. But as it’s still early days, the app is, at the time of this writing, only on the iPhone, and doesn’t have a Mac client. So while sitting in line, I wondered how, or even if, Mailbox’s ‘Lists’ would integrate with the ‘Labels’ on the Sparrowmail client for Mac.

Brilliantly, it did.

The new app, designed to revolutionise email for mobile devices, is here, and the reservation system has quickly shot up. I for one was super excited, as I loathe default mac Mail client and viable substitutes are few and far between. The best alternative I’ve found is Sparrowmail. A cleaner, more effective app with a better UI – not to mention having a Mac and iPhone version. But alas, Sparrowmail got bought up by Google, so the continued support on this app will be limited, and no further development is under way. Nonetheless, I’ve kept using it, mostly because I like it’s label + archive solution to organising emails. Some email clients use folders, but doing that only makes your massive inbox slightly prettier, and it’s still really easy for an email to get buried. Anyway…

It took a few steps to get it right, but here’s how I did it.

1. When you finally get the app

Close down Sparrowmail and open up Gmail. On the left navigation, click ‘More’ at bottom and look for ‘Manage labels’. You will see all of your Sparrowmail labels listed. along with the newly created ‘[Mailbox]‘ label.

*Note: if you don’t see the ‘[Mailbox]‘ label, you probably need to open up the Mailbox app first.

2. Nest that chick

Under ‘Actions’ on the right, click edit, a window will pop up. Tick the ‘Nest label under’ and select ‘[Mailbox]‘.

3. Save, and that’s it!

Next time you open Sparrowmail, you’ll see you label now has a prefix. It’ll look like ‘[Mailbox]/newlabel1′. But it’ll work perfectly. The label will show up in the ‘Lists’ on Mailbox. If you get an email and add it to the ‘newlabel1′ list and archive it, it will reflect it on the label in Sparrowmail, and vice versa.


Hopefully, we’ll see a Mac client for Mailbox soon, and there’ll be no need for this, but in the meantime, they speak to eachother.


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