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Is Passion Enough?

I love the passionate pursuit of anything. Goals, experiences, adventure, careers – it is a wonderful symptom of a purposeful life. I believe strongly in the alchemy that exists when passion meets purpose.

Global Engagement Institute brand launch

GEI provide high-impact short-term programs in developing countries encouraging transformation towards proactive global citizenship. We are proud to have been part of building the new Global Engegement Institute brand. The guiding principle throughout

Selling Strategy, Are we there yet?

Recently, an age old debate has crept its way into dinner party discussions, whiskey induced pontificating and boardroom strokey-beard sessions – How do you sell strategy? We all think it is so tough

Brands misaligned with business will land you in hot water

I am very frustrated of late at our collective efforts in brand marketing and I am struggling to fend off an overwhelming sense of cynicism. It has after all been said that an

12 Predictions for 2013

Branding and all related marketing ideas are evolving almost daily as we all strive to keep up with the balance between technology, consumer expectation and the search for differentiation from the competition. 2013

Mailbox with Sparrowmail

Mailbox is fantastic, really. But as it’s still early days, the app is, at the time of this writing, only on the iPhone, and doesn’t have a Mac client. So while sitting in line,

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